Even More Unique

Sometimes the road “less traveled is the way to go. The view is even more unique because so few people have gone that way. Enjoy it and move forward. Ignore the past! It has nothing new to say anyway.



Never, Never, Never GIVE UP!


Follow your dreams — whatever it takes.

Never, never, never give up.

— Ray Haas

To You From Me

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To You! From Me

Love Eddie

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!

Thank you for everything you provide to your citizens and to the world.

And thank you for the freedom of speech.

The Original Journal was born in the USA!

Cliffs of Dover Yoga Fart

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I met you along along the white coast trail! and told you to do a yoga pose

you farted while holding the pose :)

he he just kidding

I really enjoyed meeting you

Love, Tennesee Taylor

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The Big Dog and the Fire Hydrant

Welcome to Back Door Thursday, where the uncensored is celebrated! Tune in every Thursday for a Back Door post from The Original Journal Project. The Back Door is Not Rated.

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Sometimes you’re the BIG DOG

Sometimes you’re the fire hydrant!

Love is a Better Marinade

Tuesday Special: three for one.

Love is a better marinade

Love is a better marinade


Love is a better marinade; it makes life juicy.

— memomuse


Life is what you make it

Live it Love it

Olivia <3


I’m excited about this life changing choice I’ve made. I’m going to still impact the lives of children but without being told how to do it by those who think they know how to do it.

Crystal :)

English Humour


Welcome to The Original Journal blog. Thank you for following it. I’ve been asking people to sign my journals for 20 years. See the About page for more details. The constant has always been what I tell people before handing over my  journal — there’s 3 rules:
1. There’s a Front Door (PG-13)
2. There’s a Back Door (Not Rated)
3. There’s no rules.

Welcome to the blog. We’re (the journal and I) happy you found us. Today is Back Door Thursday, where the uncensored is celebrated. The Back Door is in every Original Journal, it’s the opposite of the Front Door. So, today the OJ is sharing an old school entry, from the early days. It’s a double journal entry. Both signed anonymously.

From Coffeestains and Courage Journal
(circa 1999):

English Humour
Your eyes are like spaunes
Every time I look into  them,  my nuts tighten!!
Is that a mirror in your pockets,
or can I simply see myself in your knickers

“Some guys snort for it!
Some guys jab a vein for it!
but all you gotta do is jump.
It’s 100% pure adrenaline”

The Universe Is a Network


Hi Megan,

Live now!


aka Fit Old Dog

P.S. The universe is a network, so take care to do good stuff when you can!

Fit Old Dog

Fit Old Dog

I met Kevin (Fit Old Dog) at an eclectic coffee shop in Carrboro, NC. He sat down in our little nook area of oversized chairs. I was having coffee with an old friend. We met up in Carrboro. He looked too interesting to pass on an Original Journal signing. So I asked him. He is an author and marathon runner in his 70s.

Just to review, I tell people three things before I hand over the journal:

1. There’s a Front Door (PG13)

2. There’s a Back Door (Not Rated)

3. There’s no rules!

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Mother Blessing

Today I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend. She is a scientist.  So we made her a science themed mother blessing. It was my idea to put the element Carbon on the cake. The baby shower (we called it a mother blessing to make it more about her than the baby — this is her third). I also made her an Original Journal, complete with the same photo we used on the cake.  Of course, the journal had a Back Door for all those honest, raw thoughts that motherhood muses.


DSC_0751 DSC_0753 DSC_0755 DSC_0775 DSC_0783

The Baby Shower (Mother Blessing) got me thinking about my own journey of motherhood. So I grabbed an Original Journal for a blog post and I pulled out my son’s journal coincidentally.

So this is the post I want to share from my personal motherhood journal. I kept a journal while I was pregnant with my son. The journal is called Ben’s Journal: Letters to My Son.


…Awareness is joy. Joy is in the moment. Calm. Breath. My morning yoga of thought.

I am nervous about becoming a mother. Will I show my boy beauty or stress? Will I show him love towards humanity or my own prejudices, hates, and crimes of heart? Will I even know what to do?

Anyway, I am excited to be a mom, finally. After 4 years of trying. It is happening. That is something to be joyous about.

I also like the third paragraph on the left page written in blue ink:

I need to get to a place everyday where I accept that teaching does not define me. I am destined for other things.

What are you destined for? Thanks for following The Original Journal. You’re an original.