Orphan Journal Signing

This young girl lost both parents. She is an orphan.

“The horrible and inspiring element in life is that it never stops for anyone. As we all float onward in search of happiness and meaning, the moments in which we cannnot define provide the memories that are tattooed on our souls for eternity. Beyond our physical beings lie indescribable souls permeated with treadings from our journeys. No regrets, no excuses.”
– Ashley Hankins

I love the stories behind each person that write in The Original Journal. The journal signing above if from a young 19 year-old girl who lost both parents within the six months. One parent to cancer (which I can relate to) and the other (forgive me, I can not remember). She is an orphan.

She stopped writing poetry after the deaths of her parents.  She said she is blocked. She continued in school (attending college classes the day after her mom died) and went to live with her Grandma.

People have inceredible journeys. Incredible! She is an inspiration for all young adults. I really enjoyed meeting her. I hope she starts writing her poetry again when she is ready.  She is obviously a talented writer.

I met this brave, amazing, young girl at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop.

I went outside to hear the surf and she was sitting with a friend, her bare feet dangling in the hot tub.

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She lost both parents so very close to each other. I lost my father in 2003 and it broke my heart.  I was 29.  She is only 19.She returned to college the day after her mom’s funeral.  She told me she hasn’t been able to write any poetry since her parents’ deaths.  Understandably.  People have journeys. Journal Your Journey.Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.~ memomuse