“We’re all tryin’ to get back home, even if we have never been there before.” — Rob Merritt 11/5/11


Be Nice, Be Good

This is a photo of Eva, a journal signer.

This is Eva. I was out in Colorado to visit my mom in a nursing home. I had two days from the time I got the call from the nursing home about how sick my mom was to when I got on a plane. I got the call Thursday night and got on a plane to Denver Saturday. I had to leave my actively breastfeeding son in North Carolina with his dad. I was a big bag of sad.

I was super engorged and my pump batteries were broken Tuesday morning. So I drove all over town from pharmacy to pharmacy to find a pump I could rent. Eva helped me out. She even gave me a 10% discount for being in such a pickle. After I pumped, in the bathroom, she signed the journal.

She was a cool lady to meet on a Tuesday morning that just wasn’t going too hot. Nice people can totally make your day. Be nice. Be free. Be.

“Be nice, be good to people all the time, and it will come back to you.” ~ Eva R.

This is what Eva wrote in the journal.  Great advice and signature!

Journal Your Journey! Hope. Wish. Dream. Be. ~ memomuse