I met Dan on the Greyhound Bus while traveling from Wyoming to California in 1999. I asked him to sign the journal.

Have you ever traveled on Greyhound? What was your journey like?

Image Source: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Greyhound-Bus-Driving-Down-Highway-30-Posters_i5281836_.htm

I have traveled Greyhound often.  I do prefer Amtrack to Greyhound though.

What is your preferred method of travel for a long road trip?


One thought on “This Bus Ride Is…

  1. I really like buses and trains. I don’t particularly like Greyhound (and the layovers are horrible) but I like the express buses here in Korea a lot. Actually, long trips by any method are wonderfully, whether, car, bus, train, ferry, or airplane. I think I have wanderlust. 🙂


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