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“2000 pounds of pure adrenaline between your legs. 8 seconds of pure hell but we do it cuz we love it. Bullriders only.” – Dan

Video of a bull rider.  According to the Google search for bull rider, this video claims to be: “Possibly The Best Bull Riding Video Ever Made.”  You decide.

I am a big fan of bull riding.  I have covered various rodeos for ten plus years.  It is exciting.  I think the theme of getting bucked off and getting back on is parallel to life, especially the life of a writer.

You can read more of my musings on cowboys, creativity, motherhood, nature, and earthy-thinky stuff at my personal blog at www,memomuse.wordpress.com

Thanks for stopping by The Original Journal.  If you would like to be a part of the project, write down your original thought and take a photo of it or email me a scanned copy.  I would prefer it in your own handwriting, but if you want to type it, that’s fine.  Email me at memomuse@gmail.com.

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