Donation to God poem by memomse

I wrote this. Yep, me, the creator of The Original Journal.

I have no idea what original journal it is in. I typed it up to be clever one day and the poem strip was in an envelope I recently found sorting through a clutter (hoarder) box.

Happy Monday. Please tell one person about this project (that friend of yours who carries around a notebook, journal, or diary around faithfully or that friend who always thinks of clever things to say, or that friend who collects trinkets or that friend who would rather have bamboo shoots stuck under their fingernails than pick up a pen and write their thoughts down — one does need juxtaposition). Just share (if you want).

Here is the Weekend Edition from The Original Journal Project in case you missed it.

Seriously, happy Monday. May the muse be with you. Or something to that effect.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey.


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