Directions to Greenwich Village
Directions to Greenwich Village in The NYC Journal, circa 1998

I recently found out my grandparents met in Greenwich Village in the late 1920’s. It should be noted that this journal signing happened pre cell phones, Google, and Smartphones.  I asked directions the good ole’ fashion way — person to person.  Edward actually worked at a film camera store in New York City. You can see a photo of him, taken on a polaroid.  Old School, I know. Check out the link below to see his photo.

This journal signing appears in this long form Original Journal Gonzo journalism piece, “Twenty Dollars and Taverns Tall.” It’s a good one. Worth the read.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. — The Original Journal is going to the beach this weekend. There may or may not be a posting Sunday. Also, next week will debut some of The UK Journal signings.  Sneak peek of the cover below.

The UK Journal
The UK Journal



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