The Man with the rainbow Suspenders

David, the Man with the Rainbow Suspenders
David, the Man with Rainbow Suspenders, signed the Original Journal at a writing conference. You don’t run into too many people who wear suspenders, let alone rainbow suspenders, so I asked him to sign the journal. I didn’t have the journal with me so in a pinch — like always — I used a napkin. This is a N.J.S (napkin journal signing).

Napkin Translation:

Guy with rainbow suspenders

David M. Harris

Actually, the suspenders (not these in particular, but the concept, the reason I wear suspenders instead of a belt are by prescription, in a manner of speaking. The doctor didn’t write me a script, and in fact I got these particular suspenders not in a drug store but in a hardware store, but he told me that there were two ways of solving, or at least dealing with the pinched nerve in my back. I could have surgery, which has certain risks, or I could stop wearing belts. Now that I live in Tennessee, it makes me look like a farmer or a redneck; in New York it made me look like a hippie. Cultural variation and all that. But it’s a chance to design my presentation, my performance, as it were. Most of my suspenders have buttons on them – patterns like pins, you know. But if you’re going to be a person, be your own person, I say.


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