Front Door NYC Journal

First page in the Front Door of the NYC Journal
First page in the Front Door of the NYC Journal

I created this journal at a teaching workshop in 1999. I met a good friend at the workshop, but got in trouble for blatantly not paying attention. I was more concerned about using the markers, glue stick, scissors, and sticky notes in the center of the table than paying attention to the workshop presenter (who did contact my principal and let her know I was off-task throughout the whole painstaking boring presentation).  I was young and just starting my career as a teacher.  It was 1999 and I was living in Southern California. I was also leaving for the Big Apple in a few days. I had never been to New York. And for the record, the workshop was so boring I would have fallen asleep had I not kept myself busy with the makers and glue-stick. But in respect of honesty, all I could think of was spending five days in October under a New York City skyscape.

I created the NYC Journal in L.A. and wrote the stories in New York.

I may have not paid attention during that literacy workshop, but I sure paid attention to New York. The New York Journal is one of my all-time favorite journals.  So many doors…so many stories…


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