This Is Sam

This Is Sam
This Is Sam

This is Sam

You met me on the patio at Celebrities. Great talking to you. Remember we all have issues, it’s how we handle them that makes us who we are.

Sam J

* note to reader: we (at the Original Journal) find it interesting that Sam writes in all cap letters. We love handwriting at the OJ. That’s why we insist on Original Journal signatures be in hand.  The handwriting tells another layer of the story.

Journal Your Journal.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.


American Dream

American Dream
American Dream

Cristian                                                                                                 Jan 27, 2015

Well I’m in a very weird spot in life and I’m not really sure where to go. Me and my sister have a good plan for business! Hopefully it takes off. We have never been “well off” until now since we were illegal immigrants up until 2013. Hopefully we make our American Dream come true!

P.S. Nice Pen


Minnie Mouse Muse

Minnie Mouse

Time Zone

Tread Carefully
Cyna Woodard, striking a pose for The Orignal Journal
tread carefully
Tread carefully

Pen15 Club

It’s Back Door Thursday where the uncensored is celebrated! It’s not just naughty thoughts that are written in the Back Door. The Back Door is just uncensored where you can be more honest. The Back Door is Not Yet Rated.

Pen15 Club
Pen15 Club
Pen15 Club signers
Two waiters at Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh, NC wrote this in the journal. They both laughed while they explained their original journal signature. General consensus — old grade school prank. “What to join a club?” Here is an Urban Dictionaries definition… “An old grade school prank. You’d write Pen 14 on your hand and walk up to an unsuspecting schoolmate and ask him if he wanted to join telling him he could be Pen 15. You’d then write Pen 15 on his hand, and everyone would laugh at him.” “I’m in the Pen club. I’m Pen 14, you can be Pen 15.””

Irregardless, it was funny…

Irregardless Cafe sign
Irregardless Cafe sign — fisheye lens and photo edited

Or Something Else…

Bimal was our waiter at an Indian restaurant in Cary, NC
Bimal was our waiter at an Indian restaurant in Cary, NC. I went to dinner with a friend I have known for over fifteen year. We hadn’t seen each other for over ten years. Conversation was effortless and wonderful. Great friends are rare.



       I don’t know what exactly you trying to do, but I think its your hobby or something else. You are the first person who give me a pen and copy for write something after one year. 

       Thank you.


Bimal's photo