Not Yet Rated
Not Yet Rated

I am no longer afraid of the dark,

or of being alone, or without

material things. Thunder

doesn’t scare me, neither

do scary movies or fast cars.

I’m afraid of losing

what makes life so full of life —

Freedom in any way.

– Katy


Katy’s Not Yet Rated signature is written on the back of yesterday’s N.J.S. post, PG13. The Original Journal apologizes for stating that yesterday’s post was by an anonymous journal signer. It must be Katy’s Front Door signature. N.J.S. (napkin journal signings) are very interesting because they are housed at memomuse headquarters separately from The Original Journal original journals (that’s an awkward phrase now isn’t it?). Here they are together.

Not Yet Rated
Not Yet Rated


Key terms:

* N.J.S. = napkin journal signing

* F.D. = Front Door (front entrance of the journal) — Rated PG-13

* B.D. = Back Door (flip book around and enter the journal through the Back Door) — Not Yet Rated

* N.Y.R. = Not Yet Rated

* OJ = Original Journal


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