Life is for Living





Hello this is Flossie + Gavin + Ethan,
All you should believe in is life. Take it how it comes, live free, be happy, be emotional,  but take every moment and take a picture. Life is for living.
Live it.
Flossie + Gavin + Ethan.

Much love to a fellow American
— Gavin  C. from Texas”

From The UK Journal
This journal signature occurred outside the King’s Head Pub in Guildford, England


Idea Doves


We hope you have a creative day and a muse filled weekend.

Journal Your Journey
Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

~ The Original Journal



“Bit by kitten,
Got rabies shots, hospital bill
was $11,000. What the Fuck?!
— Dianne Wyatt

Mysterious Ways


“God works in mysterious ways.” — Angel S.


This journal (The Greyhound Journal) was passed around a Greyhound bus going from Wyoming to San Bernardino, California. 29 hour trip.

Meet Cricket, one of the many Greyhound Journal OJ signers.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Original Journal. Be safe. Call cab. Call a friend. Walk. My dad, a true Irishman, always said, “Amateur drinkers are out on St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s not a safe night out to be driving.”

From "The Greyhound Journal"
From “The Greyhound Journal”

Speak Easy…Speak Loud (if only in your journal)

Journal signing by Gate Keeper at The Green Light (speakeasy in Raleigh)

Flower Girls at Harrod’s



Where in the World is the Original Journal?


Raleigh Sandwich Shop, Raleigh, NC




The UK Journal sighting…Raleigh, NC. Fresh pressed post from the UK Journal going live on OJ blog Tuesday.

Thanks for following the OJ. 
Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.
Journal You Journey.
~ memomuse

Be Your Own Kind of Beauty


There Are No Supposed To’s — We’re Making This Up as We Go Along

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Since it’s Friday, we thought this would be a good post…

Have a great weekend.  We love B.C.J. (Beer Coaster Journals) at The Original Journal.

There are no to's...
There are no tos…

There are no supposed tos — we’re making this up as we go along.

– Charly

As far as the beer coaster on the right goes — truth!  Pizza and beer is awesome.  Hope you have a great weekend. Tune in Monday for a fresh pressed post.

What’s on your To Do list? This is the OJ’s for the weekend:

1. Have fun

2. Get some journal signatures

3. Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

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