A Sexy Stare
A Sexy Stare

Brown eyes so dark and

sexy please look @ me again.

Sleepy desire daring not to tell.

Eyes that undress me w/ every glance.

Cap on, cap off.

Lie naked & nothing but a poem on.

Come here brown eyed man

Make me scream your name.

Print the unprintable

Think the unthinkable

Dare I slip into your bed,

Brown eyed sexy man

w/ a cap.

Beautiful people

Eyes undressing with soft brown, deep, dark eyes.

Take me to your bedroom.

Lay your hand on

my stomach soft and

pure. Do you feel this way?

Do you see what I see? Seeing people

in there shadow. Silent in their observation.

Lick the water from my breasts. Lick the desire I have. I need you to come over here and take me now before I change my mind

sexy one.

– Anonymous from The Camp Journal

Welcome to Back Door Thursday where the uncensored is celebrated. This Original Journal signature warranted a new classification fro B.D.T. (Back Door Thursday) — After Dark B.D.T.  

Hope you enjoyed it.  Tune in every Thursday for Back Door Thursday (B. D. T.)

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