From The Chicago Journal
From The Chicago Journal


Blank waiting rooms

Full of graceful pose

Hospital gowns gorgeous

Cheerful eyes

In energy post

A rose for

The taxman’s smile

A mile, I walk alone

Instant grace

Is unknown

FF @1979


Enjoyed talking with you. Good luck in all your endeavors.


Note to readers:  I used a pen name in my twenties — Frank Fairmont. I adopted the name of my 1979 Ford Fairmont. His name was Frank.  I signed my poetry using that pen name. Also, memo are my initials. The Original Journal will be published under the name memomuse.  I am working with a graphic designer, who is designing the logo. I can’t wait for the reveal.  Please stay tuned to blog and social media accounts as I will keep you posted.  This has been a twenty year dream to publish this journal and create a journal for you to write in and have your friends and random people to sign.

Frank, the 1979 Ford Fairmont.
Frank, the 1979 Ford Fairmont.

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