This Original Journal signer is frim Nepal. Rabindra spoke very passionately about his home and its natural beauty. He was our waitor at Kabob and Curry in Raleigh, NC in March 2015. My thought and prayers go out to all Nepal as they deal with the recent devastation.


Dear Megan,
Thanks for providing me an opportunity to share about myself in your memobook. It’s a wonderful medium for me to share my feelings. Being here in the United  States, the best thing that I have learnt is to utilize the time in an effective way and the best part is the dignity of labour. But what I felt missing over here is some part of the social life. The sharing,  caring everything is kind of formality over here in most of the cases. I miss my home quite often but the determination I get from their support whenever I am in touch with them has given me the strength to get the best out of situation and to continue my further studies and graduate as an expert in engineering in near future.
Thanks a lot  for your generosity.

With lots of love,


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