This Kind Old Bus...
This Kind Old Bus…

This kind old bus what a beautiful site with black smoke rolling around the tail lights.

From Maine to Wyoming in a single bound on seats too close 3 feet from the ground all for a small fee of 169. Don’t figure we talk of a plane or even a train but decided to take the dammed old bus! And leave the driving to them.

— Bill Maxfield

Newport, ME

I’mon this bus

Leaving everything behind

Going from Canada to home

Omaha is so friendly and kind

I meet this girl

So sweet & fine

You say I must write in your book

You rekindled my thoughts that

There are still some good ones left

I hope your trip is a safe & happy one

— Kevin Block

Council Bluffs, IA

From The Greyhound Journal (traveling from Boston to Cheyenne in August 25-28, 2000)

See this post, The Life of a Journal, for context of trip.


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