Bloom where you damn well please! Grow your garden; grow your dreams. You’ll need:
* good soil (a safe place to create)
* water (support system to nourish and quench your thirst — you can be your own support system — just take the steps necessary to understand how often you need to be “watered” and/or understand the “weather” patterns of rain and moisture. Otherwise, our dreams dry up.)
* fertilizer  (surround yourself with people who give you “nutrients” to grow and keep at it. Don’t give up. One micro step multiplied by many equals a big movement (step) towards your Big Idea/Dream.)
* Seeds (an amazing death starts as a seed. It has to be planted in order to grow. But you have to prepare your garden first  — prepare the soil, gather the right fertilizers, and know your cycle of creativity, productivity, etc.

Bloom on badass — you’re doing amazing things!


And of course, somethings grow best in the wild.

Moral of story — know your soil. That’s you. You’re the essential ingredient to a beautiful, abundant garden.

Happy Sunday! Hope you have a great week. New journal signature posts from The Original Journal coming Monday – Friday. Weekends are general muse posts.

Thank you for following The Original Journal and your support and muse.


♡ Journal Your Journey ♡
☆ With Love & Muse,
MemoMuse (Creator of The Original Journal and general muse maker)


One thought on “Bloom Where You Damn Well Please!

  1. Reblogged this on MemoMuse and commented:
    Hello Friends!
    Just wanted to let you know where I’ve been. I am focusing on a book project and trying not to get distracted by other writing projects. I have to see this one through.”The Original Journal” is a project I have been working on for 20 years. I am in the process of self-publishing it. It will be the first product I offer through my small business. So, that’s where I have been (and mommying a 5 year old, teaching creative writing and photography residencies at schools as a teaching artist, taking small business classes at my local community college, and fixing up an 1880 historic Victorian house (we’re almost done painting the outside and just finished painting the office, also known as “The Artroom”).

    This post I am sharing from The Original Journal blog is my 100th post there. I believe in symbolism and serendipity. Some call it providence or fate. It’s all connected. I believe in the Law of Attraction and prayers answered. I am ready to do this. It’s only taken 20 years! It’s exciting, scary, and amazing. With each big breakthrough comes a wave of insecurity, trepidation, FEAR, happiness, and doubt. But I am moving forward. I don’t want to be that person anymore who is the creative girl who us talking about publishing the journal people sign.

    I AM the woman who IS publishing “The Original Journal.”

    I’ll be keeping you posted as I move forward. I have some tentative dates I’m working on for a launch/publication of the book, aling with Kickstarter video launch. Deadlines make it real and scary and REAL!

    Stay tuned. Thank you for your support and being a fertilizer for my dream (see post, “Bloom Where You Dam Well Please” via The Original Journal blog).

    ♡Journal Your Journey♡
    With Love & Muse,


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