Eddie Price (90 years old), WWII veteran. Fought at the Battle of Normandy.
He dictated to me what to write in The Original Journal. He was volunteering at Golden Corral soliciting donations to Camp Corral, which serves children (ages 8 to 15) of brave military service members who have been injured or fallen protecting our freedom. I spoke to Eddie about my father’s service as a Marine in the Korean War. I told him my dad was at the Chosin Reservoir and he paused and then said, “They had it rough there.”

There is such a deep beauty to veterans, probably because they have seen the ravage of war. Eddie was very kind and took a photo with my son.

I explained to my five year old son that he would understand the significance of meeting Eddie later when he learned more about history. At the same time, Eddie was sweet with my son calling him by name. My phone died right in the middle of a video journal signing with Eddie. I was disappointed but technology does not always cooperate with the human side of things.

Eddie didn’t say right away he fought at Normandy. He simply said he was in France during the war. He later divulged that after thanking my father and offering his sympathies for what my father went through at the Chosin Reservoir.  I felt that was very kind and noble.

Here’s Eddie’s dictated journal signing. I would certainly say Eddie is an original with an incredible story.


imageEddie Price, WWII vet, 90 years young

I’m sorry you dad had to go through the Chosin Reservoir, they were called the Frozen Chosen. I appreciate what your dad did for us.

I served in the Army in WWII and was in the Battle for Normandy. I’m now 90 years old and having to slow down and thank you for doing this book.

— Eddie Price of Wilson, NC


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