Have a Great Year Ahead


It was great getting to know you today. I hope you have a greatcyear ahead. Also, get lots of writing done. — Diane

A Sky Full of Dreams

Big Enough

A day in the #sky/ leaping towards us/ A gust of #wind/ and the #dog becomes/ Another form to alert our/ #imagination/ A sky full of #dreams/ Big enough to cover the #World/ Everybody can have a go/ if they could only look up/ instead of down — Pat 10-7-97 from Sketch Journal circa 1997

The Child In You


Never let the child in you stay quiet, yell your passions, cartwheel in the rain and face the world with a fearless heart.
                                 Kristen Heeres

Flow Like a River Without a Dam


Allow your ideas to flow like a river without a dam. Connect to your inner self and you will have limitless and boundless stories to tell.

                           Magnificant Journey
                                    Ala L.

Great journaling advice…