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This photo was taken at a historic mill in North Carolina. The mill is being revitalized. We love old doors at The Original Journal! Doors are such a great metaphor — that’s why we created a Front Door and a Back Door for our journals. 

Remember there is always a way in to anything you want. Sometimes you have to imagine greatness before you can explore the possibilities. Wherever you are on your journey, remember a journal can always help you turn the key. 


Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey


Let’s Love Each Other More…

“Let’s love each other more, Let’s help each other more. The world really needs us this time around.” — Jaden Bebtti from Haiti

This is from Spring 2017 journal 📓 that I took to Boston for a funeral. My roommate’s father (from college) passed away. He was a great man who helped a lot of people. The journal signer was my cab driver who took me from Fennuial Hall to Logan Airport. Wise words from a cabbie. So much truth in his Journal Signing. You can join The Original Journal Project too. Write down your original thought (handwritten), snap a photo of it and tag @theoriginaljournal on Instagram or Twitter (@originaljournal on Twitter) and use hashtag #SigntheJournal and/or #TheOriginalJournalProject. 3 things I tell every journal signer: 1. There’s a Front 🚪 Door — front part of Journal (PG-13) 2. There’s a Back 🚪 Door — flip Journal over and go in back part of journal (Not Yet Rated, uncensored) 3. No Rules — write what you want.
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