“Let’s love each other more, Let’s help each other more. The world really needs us this time around.” — Jaden Bebtti from Haiti

This is from Spring 2017 journal 📓 that I took to Boston for a funeral. My roommate’s father (from college) passed away. He was a great man who helped a lot of people. The journal signer was my cab driver who took me from Fennuial Hall to Logan Airport. Wise words from a cabbie. So much truth in his Journal Signing. You can join The Original Journal Project too. Write down your original thought (handwritten), snap a photo of it and tag @theoriginaljournal on Instagram or Twitter (@originaljournal on Twitter) and use hashtag #SigntheJournal and/or #TheOriginalJournalProject. 3 things I tell every journal signer: 1. There’s a Front 🚪 Door — front part of Journal (PG-13) 2. There’s a Back 🚪 Door — flip Journal over and go in back part of journal (Not Yet Rated, uncensored) 3. No Rules — write what you want.
#love #helpeachother #wisewords #humanity #loveachother #world #theworld #hope #faithinhumanity #good #journals #truth #Boston #funeraljournal #journaling #journals #journalyourjourney


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