The Original Journal won’t go away.  It has been an idea I have had for a decade and a half.  I ask random people to sign my journal.  I hand over my marbled composition notebook or whatever journal I have at the time (sometimes I make a journal out of napkins) and tell them there are three rules:

1. There is a Front Door (Rated PG-13) — more public thoughts, censored.

2.  There is a Back Door (Not Yet Rated) — more private, uncensored.

3.  There are no rules, so ignore #1 and #2 if you want.

The Original Journal has the will of a teenager.  After all, it is 15 years old.  Moody, brilliant, hormonal, going through puberty and ready for the world. If I could forget about it I would, but I can’t.  So, it goes on and on…

I see stories everywhere.  I am a writer, photographer, and artist.  This is my fifteen pound baby.  I have been in labor forever it seems.  But now I am trying to give birth to this project and yes, please give me some pain meds. I publishing it as a journal with journal signatures to get you started journaling your own journey.  It is eco-friendly and is published on recycled paper.  It comes with all kinds of little writer things to get you started.  More about that later…

You can read more about it here on the first post or on the Facebook page.  Thank you for stopping by.

Jane Goodall read one of the journals.  She actually had one of the journals in her beautiful hands and read it in her home (yeah – I love her).

Jane Goodall wrote me a handwritten letter and also included this postcard.
Jane Goodall wrote me a handwritten letter and included this postcard.

I met two fabulous men in Chicago who both signed the journal. One of them knew Jane Goodall.  When I met them in 2000, they were about to start a life together.  They collected washers and lotto tickets. That was their thing.

I met Tina on the Greyhound bus.  She was broke and starting a new life for her family (yellow page in slideshow).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believe everyone has a story.  Journal Your Journey.  Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

More to come as I update the page.  Find The Original Journal on Facebook and “like” it.   You can scan or take a photo of your Original Journal signature and email me at theoriginaljournal (at)

Thank you for being a part of this project.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey

~ The Original Journal


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