Shoved in an airport cubicle
Artists, grand-mas, chefs, technicians
All sit and stare
off into the space between
Now and then
A moment lapses
Lulls within space

Chain smoking smirks
Smuggling secrets
left in suitcases large.


From The Chicago Journal


Banging Time in England


Hey Megan,

Hope you had a banging time in England. I’m sure you learnt alot about getting trashed.

Lots of love


Hey Megan

Gonna get some molly


From The UK Journal
Circa Summer 2014

Cliffs of Dover Yoga Fart

Photo on 6-26-15 at 11.00 AM

I met you along along the white coast trail! and told you to do a yoga pose

you farted while holding the pose ๐Ÿ™‚

he he just kidding

I really enjoyed meeting you

Love, Tennesee Taylor

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The Big Dog and the Fire Hydrant

Welcome to Back Door Thursday, where the uncensored is celebrated! Tune in every Thursday for a Back Door post from The Original Journal Project. The Back Door is Not Rated.

Photo on 6-25-15 at 11.13 PM

Sometimes you’re the BIG DOG

Sometimes you’re the fire hydrant!

My Secret, Now Yours


Rachel from Raleigh

ย For about 4 years I’ve been dealing with depression. No one knows because I hide it well with my personality. It’s an ongoing struggle but I know there has to be some kind of end. If not an end, a way to live with it but not let it overcome me.

My secret, now yours

— Rachel

Jen from Jersey

Jen from Jersey, from "The Greyhound Journal"
Jen from Jersey, from “The Greyhound Journal”

Well I must be crazy for doing this 70 hour trip again but its worth it. Theres no shortage of strange people and stories. It’s about hour 56 for me right now and so I can barely think but Ill be sure to send along some stories of the rest of my trip including Truth or Consequences.

Traveling is a very cool thing — seeing new places, meeting new people. Its all good.


Jen from Jersey

Back Door Collage

Back Door Collage
Back Door Collage

A collage of a page in the Back Door of the current Original Journal.