Nothing New to Say

Sometimes the road “less traveled is the way to go. The view is even more unique because so few people have gone that way. Enjoy it and move forward. Ignore the past! It has nothing new to say anyway.




The Big Dog and the Fire Hydrant

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Sometimes you’re the BIG DOG

Sometimes you’re the fire hydrant!

Love is a Better Marinade

Tuesday Special: three for one.

Love is a better marinade
Love is a better marinade


Love is a better marinade; it makes life juicy.

— memomuse


Life is what you make it

Live it Love it

Olivia ❤


I’m excited about this life changing choice I’ve made. I’m going to still impact the lives of children but without being told how to do it by those who think they know how to do it.

Crystal 🙂

Love is the Glue

Lover is the glue...
Lover is the glue…

Love is the Glue.

Flow it.


Circles of Life


Schrijver means writer in Dutch.  This is a page from The Holland Journal.  Someone I had met in Holland (back in 2000) recently got in touch with me via email. An excerpt below from the recent email:

            One evening a friend (Cathelijne) and I decided to hang out in the Irish pub.                     Soon we started talking with this nice girl, Megan, carrying a notebook. She told             us that she was from the United States and was traveling through Europe and                 the Netherlands and for some reasons I do not remember anymore about why                 she visited Groningen that day. See was curious about our lives, the                               Netherlands and the city of Groningen.

            It is a weird thing that for reasons unknown and at times you least expect it you               meet people you never forget. It is that magical thing that makes some people                 and some events more special than others. I remember we liked the girl and                   decided to take her on tour in the night life of Groningen. It became a great                     night. We visited many bars, had many, many dances and had a lot, lot, lot of                 fun together. It was so to say legen, wait for it, dary (to quote Barney from the                 sitcom How I Met Your Mother).

           I remember that it was already early the next morning when I walked the girl                    back to her hotel. I remember me and her talking about her dream to write a                    book about her travels and about the poetry see sometimes wrote. Since she                  had to travel back further (I think even back to the States) the next day we                      decided to exchange e-mail addresses and keep in touch and maybe, who                      knows, meet again somewhere.

          Do you remember?

          Is it weird to reply to a 14 year old e-mail (and spam it to all other addresses I                 could find of you)? Yes, it definitely is but my curiosity wins it over the chance                 you do not like it or do not remember so here is my reply. I hope that you                         receive it, read it and maybe reply again and answer the questions. How are                   you, are you well and do you remember? …. I do…

We had kept in touch briefly by email in 2000 and life faded into life for both of us on separate continents.

I often thought of this person wondering what happened to him.  So interesting when life comes full circle. For me, 14 years later, he remembered the girl with the journal who asked people to sign it.  He could very well be the person who wrote “Schrijver” in the journal. I love this page of the journal. There is a coffee stained poem written on the back.



Strolling along in

Amsterdam along

A canal lined street

2 young girls scream

In fun, “Halo” to fellow Sunday


Little Girl amusement sings

in their shirts

I ask to take their picture

and they say cheese with

innocent gaiety.

As I walk away on of the

girls says, “Touriste.”

I say “Watch it…no



There is a quiet hum

Now as I sit on green

Steps. My yellow backpack

Blends in so

And I share a moment

With grace.

Conquer It. Just Do It. Mistakes Only Make Your Stronger.

A page in the Original Journal
A page in the Original Journal. This journal is from the North Carolina Original Journal. And yes, that is an original autograph and signature of the one and only Anne Lamott. I went to her book signing and reading at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC.  

Here is some background info on this page in the Original Journal.

1. It is the current Original Journal (I am carrying this one around with me now in North Carolina).

2. Emery Smith was an administrator that I worked for (as a teacher). He is also a redhead.

3. Anne Lamott is one of my all time favorite authors.

4. Emins or Emily Ashley is a random person — have no idea who she is. She is obviously an Original Journal signer.  I love what she says and I also love that it is on the same page as Anne Lamott’s Original Journal signing.

5. That is red ink that bled onto my notebook at the top. I am not one to put caps back on pens and of course, the journal travels with me everywhere I go.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey

Be Nice, Be Good (Repeat)

"Be nice, be good to people all the time, and it will come back to you." ~ Eva R.
“Be nice, be good to people all the time, and it will come back to you.” ~ Eva R.
This is a photo of Eva, a journal signer.
This is a photo of Eva, a journal signer.

Here is the original post on Eva from the blog. Wise woman Eva is.

Have a great hump day.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey.


“Wizdam comes from the hart not from the dark. Sincerely, Ernesto”

This was written in a purple A to Z kids’ cursive handwriting practice journal.  (Yes, remember when teachers actually taught this beautiful art form?)

This journal signature was on the W page.  Each of my students wrote their own favorite word in the journal, choosing a letter of their own. Ernesto chose W.

Ernesto was a 4th grade student in my class in 1998 – 1999 in Southern California. He was a hispanic boy with the most beautiful big brown eyes and long eyelashes. He was a kind soul. I wonder what he is doing now. He was a poet and philosopher. I loved talking with him. He was an old soul and had a lot of wisdom for a boy so young.

Kids are wise; they see truth.

Wellness Is Your Destiny

Wellness is your destiny
Wellness is your destiny…

Let me be frank —
All that is lost is symptom — all that is gained is created. Wellness is your destiny. Work it.
– Ted

I wish I could tell you who Ted is. This journal is from the late nineties, dare I say early turn of the millennium. Ted is wise.