Back Door Thursday


 Creativity is intelligence having fun. Einstein


 Begin! (but get coffee first)

This post comes to you from the eccentric town of Carrboro, which neighbors college town, Chapil Hill. 

I (creator/curator of The Original Journal Project) met Jay Reeves, owner of Vinyl Perk last Friday. Carrboro is a fun and charming town that is home to eccentrics, artists, college students, and a great music scene. 

Jay was super fun and an instant friend. I love what he wrote in The Original Journal (Save the Earth edition). So without further ado…here’s his signature. 


 I ducked behind my Chemex Coffeemaker, and the next thing I knew she was snapping my picture through the glass carafe and my image came out distorted and coffee-crazed but I liked it. And so having given you my coffee photo-face I will say to Megan and all the wonderful creators from Wilson to Walla Walla: Begin! The rest is easy.

Jay Reeves

Vinyl Perk 10/14/15 




Have a Great Year Ahead


It was great getting to know you today. I hope you have a greatcyear ahead. Also, get lots of writing done. — Diane

A Sky Full of Dreams

Big Enough

A day in the #sky/ leaping towards us/ A gust of #wind/ and the #dog becomes/ Another form to alert our/ #imagination/ A sky full of #dreams/ Big enough to cover the #World/ Everybody can have a go/ if they could only look up/ instead of down — Pat 10-7-97 from Sketch Journal circa 1997

The Child In You


Never let the child in you stay quiet, yell your passions, cartwheel in the rain and face the world with a fearless heart.
                                 Kristen Heeres

Flow Like a River Without a Dam


Allow your ideas to flow like a river without a dam. Connect to your inner self and you will have limitless and boundless stories to tell.

                           Magnificant Journey
                                    Ala L.

Great journaling advice…

I’m the Person Who Wonders If…

I'm the Person...
I’m the Person…

I’m the person who wonders if her soul is pure enough to change the world. I’m a person who knows that I’m here  to help shift the earth to the next level.




Shoved in an airport cubicle
Artists, grand-mas, chefs, technicians
All sit and stare
off into the space between
Now and then
A moment lapses
Lulls within space

Chain smoking smirks
Smuggling secrets
left in suitcases large.


From The Chicago Journal

I’d Love to Turn You On!


I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show — a long time ago — The Beatles introduced me to a world outside of my little life — I was very young Just a kid — I have always wanted to go to England — Now many many years later here I am!

Going to the Royal Albert Hall tonight!

I’d love to turn you on! on on!



From The UK Journal, journal signing in London.