Have a Great Year Ahead


It was great getting to know you today. I hope you have a greatcyear ahead. Also, get lots of writing done. — Diane

A Sky Full of Dreams

Big Enough

A day in the #sky/ leaping towards us/ A gust of #wind/ and the #dog becomes/ Another form to alert our/ #imagination/ A sky full of #dreams/ Big enough to cover the #World/ Everybody can have a go/ if they could only look up/ instead of down — Pat 10-7-97 from Sketch Journal circa 1997

Banging Time in England


Hey Megan,

Hope you had a banging time in England. I’m sure you learnt alot about getting trashed.

Lots of love


Hey Megan

Gonna get some molly


From The UK Journal
Circa Summer 2014

Under the Surface


Remember the history under the surface and consider the world complexly.
— Jeff Greiner
From The UK Journal

Monday Muse

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I just want to explore. Wanderlusty.

English Humour


Welcome to The Original Journal blog. Thank you for following it. I’ve been asking people to sign my journals for 20 years. See the About page for more details. The constant has always been what I tell people before handing over my  journal — there’s 3 rules:
1. There’s a Front Door (PG-13)
2. There’s a Back Door (Not Rated)
3. There’s no rules.

Welcome to the blog. We’re (the journal and I) happy you found us. Today is Back Door Thursday, where the uncensored is celebrated. The Back Door is in every Original Journal, it’s the opposite of the Front Door. So, today the OJ is sharing an old school entry, from the early days. It’s a double journal entry. Both signed anonymously.

From Coffeestains and Courage Journal
(circa 1999):

English Humour
Your eyes are like spaunes
Every time I look into  them,  my nuts tighten!!
Is that a mirror in your pockets,
or can I simply see myself in your knickers

“Some guys snort for it!
Some guys jab a vein for it!
but all you gotta do is jump.
It’s 100% pure adrenaline”