My Better Self

This is from my journal from 2001. So many changes were going on. My mother had been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. I dated a guy who didn’t value or see me (and I allowed it) and most importantly, I started to change and embrace a healthier attitude. I decided to face my demons and dysfunction. It was a tough year of many transitions, but it led me to love. I met my husband that year (after I had done the work to get better and be kinder to myself). Funny how that happens.

Journals are neat because you can look back on them and see your growth.  I am so grateful for that rough year in 2001. It gave me the courage to face my issues, which led me to love.  




Strive To Be Happy

"Strive to be happy." - Dave Bianco
“Strive to be happy.” – Dave Bianco

This is a NJS — a napkin journal signing. This napkin journal signing is from circa 1998-2000 when I lived in Redlands, California.  I had a huge crush on this signer; he had no interest in me romantically.  My best friend was friends with him. He is a good guy and shared good advice.

I almost always carry my journal with me, but when in need, there is always a napkin to be found that can serve as a last resort make-shift journal.

Journal Your Journey.