Faith in Humanity

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Science made me lose faith in humanity. – Hieu
Roommates on the page
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I find it interesting where people pick their page to sign since the other thing I tell people are the three rules:
1. There’s a Front Door — Rated PG13
2. There’s a Back Door — Not Rated (I flip the journal around and show them)
3. There’s no rules!

I usually add in that the Back Door is for private uncensored thoughts, but it’s open ended. People often ask where they should sign but I refer to rule #3 (which is an oxymoron).

People peruse the journal and find their spot. Some nestle in with a crowded page, others take a blank page and make it their own. I love how journal signers become roommates on a page too — like Jillian and Hieu. Jillian works in the Arts and Hieu works in Science. Hgygen is a PhD working in a focused specialty in Science. She had a horrible experience as a female scientist in academia. She is so passionate about Science and helping young women in Science. She also is writing a memoir of a sibling’s tragic death. She also gave me an awesome fine tip pen because I commented on how lovely her handwriting was. I still have the pen (even though I lose pens all the time).

Everyone has a story. The Original Journal wants to know them all.


Back Door Thursday


 Creativity is intelligence having fun. Einstein




A Sky Full of Dreams

Big Enough

A day in the #sky/ leaping towards us/ A gust of #wind/ and the #dog becomes/ Another form to alert our/ #imagination/ A sky full of #dreams/ Big enough to cover the #World/ Everybody can have a go/ if they could only look up/ instead of down — Pat 10-7-97 from Sketch Journal circa 1997

This Kind Old Bus

This Kind Old Bus...
This Kind Old Bus…

This kind old bus what a beautiful site with black smoke rolling around the tail lights.

From Maine to Wyoming in a single bound on seats too close 3 feet from the ground all for a small fee of 169. Don’t figure we talk of a plane or even a train but decided to take the dammed old bus! And leave the driving to them.

— Bill Maxfield

Newport, ME

I’mon this bus

Leaving everything behind

Going from Canada to home

Omaha is so friendly and kind

I meet this girl

So sweet & fine

You say I must write in your book

You rekindled my thoughts that

There are still some good ones left

I hope your trip is a safe & happy one

— Kevin Block

Council Bluffs, IA

From The Greyhound Journal (traveling from Boston to Cheyenne in August 25-28, 2000)

See this post, The Life of a Journal, for context of trip.

We’re All Trying to get Back Home


We’re all trying to get back home, even if we have never been there.

— Rob Merritt



This journal (The Greyhound Journal) was passed around a Greyhound bus going from Wyoming to San Bernardino, California. 29 hour trip.

Meet Cricket, one of the many Greyhound Journal OJ signers.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Original Journal. Be safe. Call cab. Call a friend. Walk. My dad, a true Irishman, always said, “Amateur drinkers are out on St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s not a safe night out to be driving.”

From "The Greyhound Journal"
From “The Greyhound Journal”

Today Determines Tomorrow


What you do today determines your tomorrow.

– AB

Love is the Glue

Lover is the glue...
Lover is the glue…

Love is the Glue.

Flow it.


You’re an Original: the Original Journal Video

Link to Original Journal video (Animoto)

I created a video with images from The Original Journal.  Click on the link above.

How tall are your dreams? Dare to dream, dare to wish, dare to hope, dare to be…





be you…

I feel that the time is right for The Original Journal.

I really believe everyone has a story to tell – a journey to journal…

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Journal Your Journey

The Original Journal

PS – Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.