Always Ask

Always ask questions

Always ask — no question is to stupid — The worst you can be told is No. But if you don’t ask you will never know the possibilities. December 5, 2015

Bennie Gail Jones


Bennie Gail

Bennie is the fifth daughter of five children. Her daddy named her.  She is an incredibly kind person. Her attitude was contagious.


Life is for Living





Hello this is Flossie + Gavin + Ethan,
All you should believe in is life. Take it how it comes, live free, be happy, be emotional,  but take every moment and take a picture. Life is for living.
Live it.
Flossie + Gavin + Ethan.

Much love to a fellow American
— Gavin  C. from Texas”

From The UK Journal
This journal signature occurred outside the King’s Head Pub in Guildford, England


This journal (The Greyhound Journal) was passed around a Greyhound bus going from Wyoming to San Bernardino, California. 29 hour trip.

Meet Cricket, one of the many Greyhound Journal OJ signers.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Original Journal. Be safe. Call cab. Call a friend. Walk. My dad, a true Irishman, always said, “Amateur drinkers are out on St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s not a safe night out to be driving.”

From "The Greyhound Journal"
From “The Greyhound Journal”

Today Determines Tomorrow


What you do today determines your tomorrow.

– AB

Love is the Glue

Lover is the glue...
Lover is the glue…

Love is the Glue.

Flow it.


I Think I’ll Use the Front Door


I think I’ll use the front door today & maybe backdoor tomorrow.
Write Everyday.

Conquer It. Just Do It. Mistakes Only Make Your Stronger.

A page in the Original Journal
A page in the Original Journal. This journal is from the North Carolina Original Journal. And yes, that is an original autograph and signature of the one and only Anne Lamott. I went to her book signing and reading at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC.  

Here is some background info on this page in the Original Journal.

1. It is the current Original Journal (I am carrying this one around with me now in North Carolina).

2. Emery Smith was an administrator that I worked for (as a teacher). He is also a redhead.

3. Anne Lamott is one of my all time favorite authors.

4. Emins or Emily Ashley is a random person — have no idea who she is. She is obviously an Original Journal signer.  I love what she says and I also love that it is on the same page as Anne Lamott’s Original Journal signing.

5. That is red ink that bled onto my notebook at the top. I am not one to put caps back on pens and of course, the journal travels with me everywhere I go.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Journal Your Journey

Fun Is…

Fun Is...

“Fun is getting a pack of smokes, ending up in random places, meeting interesting people and eating. Eating is fun. And fishing.”
— R-Dick Dime
From the Turquoise Snake Journal

Turquoise Snake Journal cover (Front Door)
Turquoise Snake Journal cover (Front Door)

Be Nice, Be Good

This is a photo of Eva, a journal signer.

This is Eva. I was out in Colorado to visit my mom in a nursing home. I had two days from the time I got the call from the nursing home about how sick my mom was to when I got on a plane. I got the call Thursday night and got on a plane to Denver Saturday. I had to leave my actively breastfeeding son in North Carolina with his dad. I was a big bag of sad.

I was super engorged and my pump batteries were broken Tuesday morning. So I drove all over town from pharmacy to pharmacy to find a pump I could rent. Eva helped me out. She even gave me a 10% discount for being in such a pickle. After I pumped, in the bathroom, she signed the journal.

She was a cool lady to meet on a Tuesday morning that just wasn’t going too hot. Nice people can totally make your day. Be nice. Be free. Be.

“Be nice, be good to people all the time, and it will come back to you.” ~ Eva R.

This is what Eva wrote in the journal.  Great advice and signature!

Journal Your Journey! Hope. Wish. Dream. Be. ~ memomuse